Unemployment and health in Germany

Recently I’ve published 2 english journal articles on unemployment and health. The first article is published in the Deutsches Aerzteblatt International covers the association of unemployment, health and social support. It s based on a topical representatice dataset for Germany. The study „German Health Update“ (GEDA). The second article is published ‚online first‘ in the  International Journal of Public Health. It covers recent trends in the association of unemployent and health for the timeframe 1994 to 2008. It utilizes trend as well as panel regression models and is based on data of the German Socio-economic Panel (GSOEP). Overall the results of both studies indicate, that unemloyment is an increasingly  important social determinant of bad health in Germany. Furthermore, while its health consequences can’t be resolved individually, they can be buffered with social support of a strong social network of meaningful others.




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